Massage Etiquette Rules

The only time I hear our massage therapists complain is when a customer has clearly not followed the basic massage etiquette rules. The massage therapists will always inform a customer if they are breaking any of the unsaid rules and during the massage session you should consider that the massage therapist is the expert and listen to them.

We regularly get massage etiquette questions ranging from, “What should I wear during the massage?” to “Will my insurance cover the massage payment?”. Here are your questions answered and the massage etiquette rules you should follow

Be Punctual

This goes without saying that be on time for your appointment or be at your hotel or home in time for your massage session. Your massage therapist will have other appointments during the day and by being late you have a knock on effect on their entire calendar.

The time or duration of the massage is from the time the therapist first begins the work on your body. So in the case of home or hotel massage account for the time it will take the therapist to set-up their table, prepare the sheets, music etc.

We generally advice that Fem Spa massage therapists will be exactly on time and in case you are running late they will wait for 20 minutes for your arrival. If you are later than that your appointment will be cancelled, unless the massage therapist makes an exception

For Home or Hotel Massage Services, Prepare The Massage Room

This rule applies when you are getting a mobile massage or home massage. Before the therapists arrival please identify the room where the massage session will take place.
During the home massage session, we ideally offer massage at client bed only. We will carry disposable bed sheet as well. 

Prepare a set of clean towels the therapist can use to drape you during the massage. 

Dress Down To Your Comfort Level

The most common question asked by someone who has not had a massage before is “What should I wear during the massage?”. The general answer you will receive is that you can dress down to your comfort level.

Ideally, dress down to your underwear. You will have the opportunity to dress down and get on to the bed and cover yourself with the towels/drapes provided. Once the massage therapist had done setting up the bed he/she will leave the room and allow you to disrobe and get onto the bed. Once on the bed please cover your lower body with the towel/drape proivided.

Often times therapists recommend that it is best to be nude. However, we at Fem Spa do not recommend that. Our therapists prefer that you have your underwear on. Having underwear on does not hinder the work of the massage therapist in any way.

Do Not Ask For “Extras” Or Sexual Favours

This should be fairly obvious, but turns out it is not the case. In the Mumbai, massage therapists working with Fem Spa have years of experience in massage therapy and have spent several years studying anatomy and massage therapy modalities to obtain their massage certifications and diplomas.

At Fem Spa, if there is even a tiny indication that a customer has been indecent the following steps are taken:

If you plan on using Fem Spa services, please, just don’t do this.